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Filed under and now i have 'gone gone gone' stuck in my head also it infuriates me to no end that that is the name of a much better alison kraus/robert plant song i should gif that music video it's a thing of beauty REGARDLESS sherlock his last vow a study in pink sherlock 3.3 sherlock 1.1 Masterpiece Mystery holmes adaptations sally donovan john watson benedict cumberbatch sherlock holmes charles augustus magnussen i typed too many tags to go back and remove the part where i said the ak rp song is better here's hoping that the intersection between rabid phillip phillips fans and masterpiece fans is not big Vinette Robinson martin freeman lars mikkelsen

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I think the worst thing about this whole sequence is just how close Donovan and Anderson are to the truth. She thinks they’re all being manipulated; he thinks the conspiracy goes beyond just that one case, and both are right, but they’ve got the wrong guy.

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