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It hasn’t…we’re all still hoping. And well…we all know what will happen with Morse so

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Yet we all know that Morse went on to have a long career, so he won’t go to jail (for long, anyway) and his career won’t be besmirched. I can see why he would be bitter.

Yeah, I know. But it’d be a big blank to leave if it didn’t get renewed. And I kind of like the fallout at the end of the episode as an explanation for the Morse/Strange dynamic in Morse. Not that I have repeatedly asked myself why Strange would repeatedly put up with Morse’s crap and insubordination.

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Anonymous asked: I am not alright with how Endeavour's 2nd season ended. Truly. WHEN will season 3 be here?!

I don’t know that it’s actually been reordered for a third season yet, has it?

Regarding the ending, I didn’t tumblr savior #endeavour when it was airing in April, so I saw all the first run viewers being not alright with the ending at the time, and somehow I came out of this knowing more or less how the series ended for Thursday and Jakes, but no one I was following said a word about how it ended for Morse. Which I just find bizarre.

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